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Amusement (E.W.L.H.N.R.)

I fear

that maybe

the sun is setting

on our amusement park

It's not too much else

to do after dark


take pictures in front of signs

just to prove that we were here

The emotional rollercoasters

have begun to shut down months ago

It's no longer a thrill

to not know what's coming next

Its no longer enough excitement

to know what is

Lately, my hands

have only been in the air for surrender

I'm tired of falling

and praying we'll rise up again


Don't all of these rides

end the same way anyway

Uncontrollable hysterical shaking

Unbuckling seat belts

Picking up our belongings

Praying someone didn't steal our phone

Anxiety about preparation for the next time

Checking the time to see, if there will ever be another ride

I think

I'd rather stay on level footing

If that means no more motion sickness

No more yelling

No more adrenaline pumping until I throw up...

I'd be content

At least

we have all these souvenirs

I'm not one to keep t-shirt

But I'll damn sure

wear this one to sleep at night

This key chain,

an ever-dangling memory capsule


How could I forget

ABout all of the laughter

All of the smiles of sheer enjoyment

These pictures

will forever be a fixture

on my bedroom walls

The gates of amusement are coming to a close

But I forgot where I parked...

So I'll just stay here

At heartbreak hotel for tonight

And maybe

Try another ride again tomorrow

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