Big Bang Theory (E.W.L.H.N.R.)

Eyes paralyzed

Deep brown seeping into black pupils

Images featured on your retina

All display what's right in front of you. .


The galaxy that's so close you can feel yet so far and distant that you just have to star gaze. .

Because reaching out to touch would just incur another big bang theory in which our galaxies collide...

Hearing the words let there be light all over again, new worlds birthing, yet this time cleansed from all sin...

And oh baby girl that grin... and those eyes, show every shining star there ever will be..

Just look, you don't have to feel me..

You're the telescope to my galaxy, I know you see the real me. .

So when our eyes meet, the stars align. .

And I'm not saying I believe signs, but there's something about this, so divine. .

Crazy how we collided just in time to watch the sunrise and hear the moon cry..

But look at what a beautiful mess it made. .