Blame Game

I would ask you to set me free

But it wasn’t you who chained me to the idea of us

It’s not your fault

that I love you the way I do

I want to believe

every single thought I have of you

I wish I could blame anybody but myself

But the truth is I created this hell

Trying to create Heaven

I must’ve mixed up the spell

It’s my fault that I sit unwell

Unwinding, trying

to unravel my heart from this gravel

I’m guilty of this life sentence,

No other judge, no other gavel

You didn’t buy me a shovel,

I picked this plot, I dug this grave

It’s okay if our love never comes alive

It’ll always be my favorite ghost of a flame

I can’t ask you to douse it

You never handed me any matches

I made sparks in my own mind

We were only as consuming as I imagined

It’s not your fault that I’m here

It’s not your fault that I can’t leave

It’s not your fault that I’m shackled

It’s okay to blame this one on me