Candy Store Part 3 (E.W.L.H.N.R.)

I have learned that in order to trust anyone else, I must first trust myself - trust myself to choose the right hand to hold, to choose the right ear to hear me speak, to choose the right heart to find a home in.

I know that this walk through life is not always a park… sometimes it may be an uphill climb, others, a tumble down a rocky mountain. Therefore, this journey requires a woman who is willing to hold my hand through it all and not be carried away at the slip of a foot… This also requires me to be supportive, caring, and willing to hold her hand when she falls too. Not only to help her up, but be patient enough to guide her through areas in life where she is not the most familiar.

I now trust myself enough to know that there is hope to trust someone else with my hand, heart, and life. I have hope that someone will trust me with theirs as well. I have no doubt in my mind that trust leans on reliability. If I want trust, I also give it and vice versa. I am no longer afraid of anyone because I am no longer afraid of myself.