Love on the Door Step (E.W.L.H.N.R.)

I wish I loved you more than my fears I wish my fears didn't hold me as tight as you The grip you had on my neck On those trips from your mother's house to your father's never was enough to hold me hostage Fear held my hand Through the darkest moments She became my best friend Nothing you said won my heart over Fear Whispered sweet nothings And I melted Inside her hands We danced to the music of doubt Made residency at hesitancy hotel Made love with anxiety She bore us mistrust She kicked commitment to the curb And there came my mistress High heels Long brown legs Little black dress Full lips and Red lipstick She walked Chest out and tall And slow Shook the fragile pictures of you on my wall Made the frame crack Made the nail weak Some fell Others just cocked sideways I never went to balance them out I built a house Around my heart Without inviting you in And left you to knock on the door I never even peaked out of the window