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What Have I been Up to?

ADAMHS Board Helping Hands Award

"By sharing his talents and powerful messages with people in Cuyahoga County, Calil instills a greater understanding of substance use, mental health, trauma, and recovery. His words are passionate and encourage hope and resilience while addressing the realities of life – all shared in a truly exceptional performance that reaches the heart of the community."

The Helping Hands Awards recognize outstanding individuals and organizations that embody the Board's mission, have positively impacted the lives of people living with mental illness and/or substance use disorders, and/or helped to alleviate stigma and bring awareness to important behavioral health issues in Cuyahoga County.

host of 

Poetry Unplugged 

Over the last two years, JUST C.O.S. has worked closely with Poetry Unplugged as host, and now managing director, to create a fun-loving environment for artists in the Cleveland area. Through Poetry Unplugged, JUST C.O.S. aims to further unify the artistic community across the city and further develop artists to their full potential. 

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Maker's Mark Art & Soul 

Lacy Talley participated in Maker's Mark's Art & Soul Program, where she was chosen as one of six artists representing the Midwest and assumed the role as an emerging Black Creator, spotlighted for making a significant impact on the world! During the year-long partnership, Lacy licensed of one of her original artworks for utilization in point-of-sale materials, including posters, off-premise case cards, a pop-up banner, coasters, and promotional items. Additionally, the collaboration entailed her curation of live paintings at four annual events, and a charitable partnership involving the hosting of a fundraiser. Lacy invited JUST C.O.S. to perform at these four events, hosted in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati!

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