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What is an artist? What is a writer?... What differentiates an artist from a writer? If you leave it to me, I'd say nothing. Both artists and writers pull in through their perceptions. They take in the good, the bad, and the ugly. They make love with all of the delicate pieces, and birth a new creation to not only be seen but heard - and most importantly, to be felt.

Matthew Fox shares an idea that has changed the way we see creation entirely within understanding creativity. He shared that, the process of creating art is one of the most intimate moments an artist can have - intimate with ourselves, intimate with God, and ultimately, a shared intimacy with others who look upon or read it. "The artist in us and among us share intimacy and returns one's intimacy to the world, nourishing the community with one's inner experience" (Matthew Fox, Creativity, Pg. 3).

In this series, JUST C.O.S. combines art with poetry to convey the multi-faceted lens through which the world is viewed. He has collaborated with various artists who have inspired him to write or whom he has inspired to draw, paint, or sketch. We go a step further to invite the greater community to take part in these workings by viewing, reading, and purchasing an intimate piece of our art.

30% of the proceeds will go to artists in collaboration with JUST C.O.S.

10% of the proceeds will go to The Community Care Collective, a collective of individuals set out to build a community that shows up for one another. 

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