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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

How magnificent are you To be able to Take care of little old me And the entire world too But that's easy for you And from the beginning of time It's just Simply what you do It's In your mission statement You said To tell them I AM THE I AM You constantly Remind us that you Are just simply you And let us not forget how Big You are too Because within you All Of these small things That we confuse To be broken, battered, And used Are made new You Are definition of Reduce, reuse, recycle You take the dirty Insides of myself That I hide from everyone else And clean them You submerge them In your word Allowing the cleaning power Of the Holy Spirit To do its work And once We find the gift of our true worth You set us on high hills Like Artwork for your kingdom You take my lesser parts And make them greater for you art Melt them down to fit the mold of your heart And What a blessing it is To know that That's exactly where we've always belonged From the start

Footnotes (6/25/2019):

I love this poem. This was the first poem I wrote about/to God, which made me feel much closer to Him more than ever before. I was driving down the highway and I had a moment to stop and truly think about the magnificent things He's done in my life, not only for me, but through me as well. I see writing as a gift, a gift He has given me. Through this gift I write and give more blessings to other people. He reduces my hurt and pain, (re)uses it to repurpose my goals, dreams, ambitions, and words, and then puts me through cycles in which I'm able to shine and give his repaired heart in me to the world. A never ending transition.

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